OCEAN Dx wins i-Lab 2020 prize of French Research and Innovation Ministry

by | 24 July 2020

The Start-up OCEAN Dx, specialised in  infectious diseases in vitro diagnostic (Bordeaux, France), won the i-Lab 2020 contest organized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation. The 250 000 € prize will enable OCEAN Dx to complete its R&D program and test the pre-industrial prototype of its first product, an ultra-fast diagnostic test for sepsis that is scheduled to reach the market in 2026.


Sepsis is characterised by a generalized infection of the whole body due to a pathogen spreading in the blood stream or in tissues inducing organ failures, and in 35% of cases leads to the patient’s death. Globally, sepsis kills 6 million people each year and represents a significant cost for health systems (1,5 billion € in France; 24 billion $ in the United-States). Global market for such an ultra-fast diagnostic test of sepsis is estimated at 8,4 billion €.

By identifying the responsible pathogen(s) in only a few hours, sepsis mortality will decrease from 35% today to only 5%. OCEAN Dx’s test will help physicians to determine the most effective antibiotic strategy for their patients and will also prevent the spread of multi-resistant bacterial strains.

The ultra-fast diagnostic test of sepsis from OCEAN Dx will allow physicians to immediately use a targeted therapy and reduce patient’s mortality and morbidity. It will also help reduce the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria” says Dr Antoine Dewitte, Doctor at the intensive care unit at Bordeaux’s University Hospital.


OCEAN Dx is a start-up company founded by researchers from the field of biotechnology. Its founders Franck Tarendeau and Cyril Dian are in vitro diagnostic, bioproduction, and biochemistry experts. OCEAN Dx aims at developing innovative tools for the diagnosis of severe infectious diseases. Its first product is an ultra-fast diagnostic test for sepsis.

In 2019, a proof of concept for an ultra-fast diagnostic test of sepsis was obtained. Earlier this year, mid-2020, OCEAN Dx produced its first prototype product. With the support of i-Lab2020 contest and the “Jeunes Pousses” grant from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, OCEAN Dx R&D program will lead to the production of a first pre-industrial prototype which is expected to be delivered by the end of 2021. Finally, the OCEAN Dx team expects a clinical trial to be concluded by 2024. A patent was submitted in 2020 and additional patents are expected to be submitted in 2021.


OCEAN Dx is an In Vitro Diagnostic company.
Our goal is to offer revolutionary diagnostic tests for infectious diseases.



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