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a company at the crossroads
of Biotechnology and Molecular
Biology innovations

Save millions of lives

by delivering diagnostic
results in 3 hours

Detect and identify 99%

of sepsis pathogens at species level
with revolutionary sensitivity

Sepsis in numbers

49 M

people affected annually1

Targeted specific microbial therapy shall be engaged within first hours, whereas blood cultures deliver results in 1-10 days6




in the US2


 in France3


billions in UK4

49 M

annually affected people1


billions in US2


billions in France3


billions in UK4



Targeted specific microbial therapy shall be engaged within first hours, whereas blood culture deliver results in 1-10 days6

1. World Health Organization https://www.who.int/sepsis/en/
2. National Inpatient Hospital Costs: The Most Expensive Conditions by Payer, 2013 (MAY 2016) HCUP Statistical Brief #204
3. https://www.senat.fr/rap/r05-421/r05-42113.html

4. https://healthcare-in-europe.com/en/news/sepsis.html
5. Riou et al. Int. J Technol. Assess. Health Care 2006;22:101-108
6. Zielgler et al., J. Clin. Microbiol. 1998;36:657-61

our solution

OCEAN offers a patented multiplexing molecular diagnostics kit.

  99% sepsis pathogen identification (all Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria)

Results in less than 3 hours

Revolutionary sensitivity of 0.3 cell/ml of blood

 Drop mortality from 35% to 5 %, saving millions of lives worldwide

Healthcare cost reduction

Better antimicrobial management, avoiding drug resistance


OCEAN Dx wins i-Lab 2020 prize

OCEAN Dx wins i-Lab 2020 prize

The Start-up OCEAN Dx, specialised in  infectious diseases in vitro diagnostic (Bordeaux, France), won the i-Lab 2020 contest organized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation. The 250 000 € prize will enable OCEAN Dx to complete its...

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OCEAN Dx is an In Vitro Diagnostic company.
Our goal is to offer revolutionary diagnostic tests for infectious diseases.



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33650 Martillac FRANCE